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Industrial Maderera Copeland


Use standard NOFMA or NWFA installation methods.  For more information on Installation please refer to NOFMA, www.nofma.com or NWFA, www.nwfa.org.   Copeland Hardwoods Inc cannot be held responsible for bad or improper installation.  When choosing an installer, make sure that the installer is qualified and up to date with NOFMA and NWFA standards and regulations.
Installation preparation

Job site conditions – As moisture is an important factor with natural wood, a few points must be considered when installing a solid hardwood floor. 

1.         Check the job site before delivery. Be sure the flooring will not be exposed to excessive periods of high humidity or moisture.

2.         Basements and crawl spaces must be dry and well ventilated. In joist construction with no basement, outside cross ventilation through vents or other openings in the foundation walls must be provided with no dead air areas. A surface cover of 6 mil polyethylene film is essential as a vapor retarder in crawl space construction.

3.         The building should be closed-in with outside windows and doors in place. All concrete, masonry, sheetrock and framing members, etc. should be thoroughly dry before flooring is delivered to the job site.

4.         The average moisture content of framing members and subflooring should be below 12%-14% before delivery of the flooring.

Installation methods

As there are many ways to install a solid hardwood floor we are unable to supply detailed descriptions on each.  What we include here are possible options for installing your flooring.  For more detail on installation methods please refer to one of the sites listed on our Useful Links page. 

Nail Down – This is a typical installation method using 7d or 8d flooring nails, or 2" barbed flooring cleats with a wood flooring nailer and mallet to attach the flooring to the subfloor. The wooden subfloor must be grade or above grade.  Use a spacing of 8 to 10” apart.
Staple DownA pneumatic gun is used to drive a staple into the wood flooring and subfloor, using 2" 15 gauge staples with 1/2" crowns.
Glue Down – Copeland only warrants the use of Bostik’s Best urethane wood flooring adhesive for glue down onto cement slab.  A ¼ x ¼” square notched trowel is required to provide 95% adhesive coverage, which will ensure good adhesion.  Hardwood flooring can be installed successfully over a slab which is on-grade or above grade. The slab must be constructed properly (dry and flat with a trowel finish).  Below-grade installations are not recommended.

When using Bostik’s best please refer to their installation instructions and conditions.

Floating – We do not recommend floating a solid hardwood floor.

Acclimatizing - Be sure to look at our page on Acclimatizing. 


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